Friday, February 28, 2014

With the initial objective of filling up the double bass vacant in the Expressions orchestra + dance concert that I was chairing in 2012, I decided to pick up the double bass myself instead and get another flautist to replace my original position in the orchestra.
Unlike most of the instruments, double bass is not a common instrument where you can easily get a player to play in the orchestra.
It was a big surprise among my friends due to the huge difference between my 2nd and 3rd instrument: flute as the highest pitch in standard orchestral instrument; double bass as the lowest sounding member in the string family.
28 February 2012 was the day which I embarked on my double bass odyssey.

it was just the beginning
 how I wish the callus could be thicker!
hard time choosing the right one
Since then, I performed for a few functions & concerts as a double bass player:
- KL French Language Week Opening Ceremony 2012
- Expressions Orchestra & Dance Concert 2012
- PJPO - TUSO Joint Concert 2013
- Young Malaysians Go Classic Concert 2013
- Christmas Carol at Empire Shopping Gallery 2013
- JFK+Nas Wedding Reception 2014
photo for programme booklet, thanks Kit Shen!

Expressions Orchestra + Dance Concert
String Ensemble
Ben Lau's photography
YMGC Concert under the baton of Mr Kevin Field
Notwithstanding, I was thrilled to be informed by MPYO Orchestra Manager that I was suggested by Mr. Kevin Field to play in the MPYO for the concerts in Dec 2013.
That was my dream orchestra to play in since I was young and yet to send my application!
It was saddening that it clashed with my examination period that I couldn't play that time though.

can you spot my lil flute?
it's time to hibernate my dear
Anyway, I truly appreciate my teachers who are so patient in teaching & guiding me along the journey while trying to accommodate to my weird schedule.

Ditched my flute, and here I go for double bass!
(Yeah, some told me that I will regret for choosing the bass over the flute.. haha)

my next target: own a double bass!


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