Thursday, December 20, 2012

Big Bad Wolf!

"Refreshing* the news feed on Facebook, noticing that almost everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of Big Bad Wolf.
This reminded me of the few books that I bought few years back then from BBW sale.
I only managed to flip through few pages in these few years time.
Anyway, it has been weeks and finally, I can't resist the temptation and went for it TODAY, before the sales ends in this week.
Not as much as my friends bought though (yeah, they have been spending hundreds or even thousand on it).
Guess what I have bought:

 Wakakakaka... you know right

uh, free gift from Skinfood

Enough, I shall control myself from the enticement out of the book (including FACEbook) and focus on doing revision.

okay, this looks ugly. 
anyway, who cares?
* continue sipping my green tea*  :)

 by the way, just got to know that my group has obtained the highest mark for marketing plan assignment in this batch! 
*jumps high*


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