Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seriously I'm having a tough time now..
Immense depressed in these few days even though I don't really show or tell anyone..
Some may think that I just resumed my new semester and it's not really a big deal.
In fact, my busy schedule has never ceased though I was having 3 months + of break.
Responsibility & obligation play the factor.
There's a long list of things that I want or should do but I have to turn down or even disappoint some people due to unavoidable circumstances.
I only have that insufficient but precious 24 hours a day.

The stress level is increasing day by day.
What really matters at the moment is the one that I've been struggling for years.
I shall not procastinate nor prolong it anymore.
Just do it and put an end on it!

I nearly broke down lately. Nonetheless, I know and believe that I still have the strength to hold back my tears (I hardly cry since cry wouldn't help me to solve the problems anyway) and get up!

Surprisingly, the stress level that I'm facing when I'm working is comparatively lesser compared to my uni life.
Indeed, I find that working at the current workplace has the miracle of de-stressing!
My colleagues are always so cheerful & funny which motivate and give a positive impact on me in some way regardless of their pressure in work too .
Some may wonder why am I going back to work though I don't really have much time for myself.
Not to say work, sometimes I'll just get myself involve in other activities no matter how occupied I am.
I don't even mind to sacrifice my opportunities to earn $ (no, I'm definitely not from a well-to-do family) just to divert my mind and myself to different environment.
Some may think that it's a stupid act when you have not enough time to complete your tasks.
Yet, surprises do happen when you least expected!
Serendipity is invaluable.
Just like today, I really laughed out loud like no one during lunch with my colleagues and boss.
Laughter is the best medicine and it does help in relieving the tension that I'm facing.
My another colleague also baked a chocolate marble cake for us as tea time & gave me some fruit tarts to try on after the kitchen class that he was conducting.

 a slice of heaven~ thanks to my colleague

It was trully toothsome..
What a bliss of life!

Another inspiring moment that struck my mind was the quick chat with my boss.
True, I've been so busy and never thought of that till he asked me.
I really need to sit back, think and plan for my future as soon as possible.

Yes, mine.

Anyhow, I need to do my tutorial questions & assignments now..
Class starts at 8am till 8pm tomorrow and I have only 30 minutes of break throughout the session! O.O

It's not going to be easy but I know I must pull through!!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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