Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last X'mas

What you did on last X'mas?
Well, I know it was few months ago but I had an extraordinary & memorable one last year which I decided to blog about it after procastinating for so long.
25.12.2011 is my old friend's big day - wedding day!

Yes, he is my ex-primary school classmate.

Due to seat limitation, he only invited some of the classmates out of 53.
Yeah, I was one of the lucky ones.

 my invitation card with my traditional chinese name printed on it correctly! ^^

Getting married at such an early age is not very common yet, the reason why he's getting married is definitely NOT what one'd think of.
LOVE is the reason.
We are really glad that he found his Mrs. Right.

He's a lucky guy seriously.
Having such a pretty & capable wifey, graduated with Distinctions in his Business Degree recently.
How awesome!

cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers! bottoms up!

'senget' at the 2nd photo.. lol

with our Frank.. haha.. spot JHao's facial expression!

the funny guy - KHo

 us.. taken using KHo's iPad

the guys

they said that the restaurant serves the nice & famous 'Buddha Jump over The Wall'

she hardly put on dress...
must grab the chance to take photo with her!
Thanks SFoon for the days :)

photo with the bride & groom!

souvenirs for the guests: calendar card & wedding photo

May two of you live happily ever after! ^^

It was a really unforgettable X'mas that was full of laughters & happiness..
It's been so long all of us last gathered and chatted for so long...
Thank you PYee for inviting us, witnessing your big day and giving us the chance to unite again ;)


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