Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tag for Probates of IT Brigade

Probates of Board of IT Brigade,

In order to get my signature & stamp, you will required to do this tag with complete & correct answers on your blog, or create a blog account if you don't have your own blog. Remember to leave your comment when you completed this tag.

Here you go:
What is my name?

2. What post(s) am I holding?

3. Write 10 little known facts/ weird things/ habits about yourself.

That's all... Have fun!


  1. 中国人 said...
    log on to fool44, please
    中国人 said...
    post again, for sure :-) fool44
    audrick said...
    Helo helo excuse me bulat is here to talk to you. My name is Audrick. I have just answer all your weird question. I hope you enjoy reading it.
    Anthony CZY said...
    Hi. I asked you for sign on Thursday and you asked me to do this tag. And I've done it. Hope you would enjoy it.
    EliteDoTA said...
    Dear TKY,
    Here are the answers for your questions. Hope you'll like it. XD!!!






    Q1. Your name is Thong Kit Yee
    Q2. You are the vice chairman of ITB.
    Q3. Stuffs about me:
    ~ I'm born DoTA Pro (Godlike king)
    ~I'm born talented in basketball (rebound king)
    ~I'm born handsome
    ~I'm born talened in singing
    ~I'm born to be a naruto fan
    ~I'm born to be a YuGiOh collector
    ~I'm born to be 'act cool' (but this is a boys' school T.T)
    ~I'm born to be happy go lucky (hope it does the same with my exam results)
    ~I'm born to like girls (secret)
    ~I'm born to be who I am
    And all these make me special...
    Thank you~~~
    p/s. please clap...

    EliteDoTA said...
    Here are the additional posts that KY's holding:

    Secretary of photography club
    Treasurer of Doraisamy
    Asst. secretary of athletic club
    Pianist of music & choir club


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