Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 5 (8 November 2013) 

It was only the 5th day and I almost lost my voice.
Too much of laughter? Or it was an indication of the air pollution index?
Remedy for my incessant cough
no Jeju orange juice due to my health condition :(
glad there were Nutellas to brighten up my day
With the helpful receptionist, MK
(I guess I remembered his name correctly haha)
our luggages

First destination of the day: music plaza!
On the way there, we happened to come across this music shop
technician in the house!

You will be amazed by the vast selection of instruments particularly on strings, piano and guitar in the plaza!
okay, guess this would be my 1st time seeing an alto flute in real
mini single horn?
electronic violin?
seriously, it was a one-stop music instrument repair & selling avenue
in one of the workshops
while waiting for my friend
the undone double bass
yes, it was the only bass in that building T.T
rosins with very attractive packaging
 myriads of instruments where you can choose from!

yes, you can hardly see the end of the it!
Eudoxa, the handmade gut strings!
another mini single horn
miniature instruments, how lovely!
this is the place where music enthusiasts wouldn't want to miss!
my saviour.. thanks to the thoughtful Ailee!
handmade noodle for lunch

the food ordering & payment machine.
it does speed up the process, reduce operation cost in the long run & systematic too!

 what a brilliant idea!

space-saving layout
express restaurant that serves handmade noodles
 Next stop: Gwanghwamun (광화문) , the largest gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace.

looks tiny eh
he's tall in fact!
selca at the front gate of the palace
What would cross your mind upon visitng the palace?
Experience the hanbok (한복) yourself!

putting on hanbok
 witness the modern hanbok model of the day - Ailee!

drama with the girls lol

special thanks to the guys who waited patiently
our photographer too

it fits nicely on the tall Karen!
retro style editing
macam yes...

 as usual, the temperature is erratic at night and we were really hungry.
so we randomly picked a restaurant to feed our stomach

such a huge size of mint, can cover half of the grill stove!

there we rushed to the Seoul Arts Centre to catch the performance in conjunction of the 
Korea Festival Ensemble

setting up of string quartet 
Music & arts culture in Korea are so prevailing that even one single venue has a few performances and exhibitions going on concurently!

what a nice programme book

Not much photos were taken though as photography is strictly prohibited.
I really love how the audience are so educated that you can hear the sound of a needle drop when the performance starts.
They even hold their cough until the intermission or interval between the movements!
Yes, there were no children in the hall and all of them do dress decently.
However, it will be awesome if the programme book is in bilingual or at least included with English version.

There were actually violin recital, opera, piano recital, calligraphy exhibition and art exhibiton taking place at the same time. 
do you see what I saw? D:
we walked around the arts centre though it was freezing cold. look at Nigel's facial expression!

it was 11pm and to our delight & surprise, there was music fountain show right behind of us!
Guess what, one of the songs was "One Day More" from Les Miserable movie
Truly portrayed how I felt that time

plastic surgery ads were everywhere!
Anyone? haha
raw photos without date stamping credited to Ailee :)

(to be continued....
I'm trying my best to recall and finish it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile.... Happy 2014 readers!)


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