Friday, May 17, 2013

A 3-weeks project for me; approximately 2-months project for them - our X-Culture project has finally accomplished.
There were at least 326 international teams from 70 universities, 40 countries of 6 continents who took part in this project.
Yeah, my team comprised of Kevin (USA), Marti (Estonia), Victor (Spain),Waheed (Pakistan) and Zivile (Lithuania).
The detailed evaluations were just released yesterday.
Guess what, my team was one of the few who received additional positive comment from the panel of judges!

" Nice work to read, consistent idea throughout the entire report."

My team may not scored the highest for overall but I feel really contented for the overall marks.
Jaws-dropping upon realising the executive summary that I have did was graded the 2nd highest among the hundreds of submissions.
I still remember it was quite a long and draggy one till my team leader, Marti reviewed my work and suggested to make the it more efficient with some guidelines.
I even seek for my friend's help to refine on a paragraph or two so that it appears to be short and sweet.
Thanks Marti and Tuck Wai.

Hi, we are team #264!

Well, speaking of group assignment, being in a group with good team mates who are about your standard or even has better performance than you is really a bliss.
I love the way on how participants were filtered and examined by taking a pre-project training and readiness test to gauge the suitability of one to join in this project.
Then we were allocated to a team to get started.

Initially, I was kind of worry:
1. being left behind/ out since my batch joined it few weeks late due to the late commencement of our semester
2. same group with parasite/ sleeping members (yes I truly HATE that to the extent that I can do the whole thing on myself and exclude those people's name in the end of the report though it is suppose to be a group assignment; it's not that I don't value teamwork)
3. can't be accepted into the team due to the late joining while they might have almost in the finalising stage of the report

However, things seem to be turned out that the team was in growing stage and I was able to join them before the delegation of task.
While hearing my friends' moan of not having an official team leader, we were lucky to have a member to take the initiative and take the lead.
Tasks were divided and distributed fair and square.
One can clear his/ her doubts by posting in the group and members will help each other in responding to that (yes, you won't feel alone though you were burning the midnight oil and suddenly need to clarify your doubts in the dead of night).
We were fortunate to have a member, Zivile who was formerly working in the company in better understanding the company.
However, a friend of us: Waheed suffered from food poisoning, admitted to the hospital and then followed by having to prepare for his examinations at the university who eventually being inactive in the group.
This had resulted increased workload of other team mates who assisted in making up for his part in the report at the final stage.
You can really see the existence of team work at such critical point.
Efficiency and productivity of the members can be discovered too disregard of different time zone.
Since we have to adhere to the standard time zone: New York, Kevin from US did a good job in turning in our final report on time.
Yup, one can have his/ her post responded by the ever-active Victor from Spain.
It was just amazing that things worked out well regardless of where we are from.

To be frank, although this project was a course requirement for my subject of Export Practices and Management, my part was more about business to business (B2B) marketing upon task delegation.
As a matter of fact, we were working on proposal relating to beer industry and I find it challenging that little did I know about it since I don't really drink.
Plus, it was about B2B marketing that I just started to learn the subject few weeks ago.
B2B marketing is something that's internal and we can hardly find substantial corporate information on how it operates from the sheer internet.
Seriously, it was more challenging than the global marketing plan that I took part - L'Oreal Brandstorm 2013.

Therefore, I seek for help from a few friends of mine:
Ket Wei: who has been living and travelled to myriad countries and explained the types of liquor, culture, lifestyles and preferences from different continents to me; a fan of beer who has relatives operating liquor business. I can't remember when was the last time talking through the phone until it heats up.
Edwin: a beer devotee who been to Brazil, our targeted market! this allows me to connect the parts of information gathered to propose appropriate marketing strategies.
Joey: a beer aficionado who studied at overseas for more than past 12 years. He also has a broad travel experiences across the continents.
Jie Kang: not a fan of beer but has a father who operates business that serves liquor
Joon Kie: not a beer lover too but has a father who owns F&B businesses
and of course, consulted my new B2B lecturer - Dr Balaji from India.
Not to forget, my lecturer of this project and subject: Professor Nan Jiang from China.
I truly appreciate their big help in enabling me to grasp the industry and with some industrial insights that inspired me to propose feasible marketing strategies.
Yeah right, my questions were appeared to somewhat funny but thanks for bearing with me.
Really, it's about B2B where one can hardly gauge the way how they work unless with industrial info.
This has aided me and prevented me from suggesting funny and impractical strategies.
Guess what, most of the time I receive instant reply from them even though at the wee hours of the morning, birthday, and at overseas regardless of some of their real hectic & tight schedule. (I don't mean to disturb them at such hour but due to my whole-day long of classes, that was my free time upon reaching home).
Truly glad & lucky to have them with me.

Oh well, I admit that I am a person who treasure (particular, in a way) team work and team members.
I really love working with this amazing team mates who portrayed dynamism, efficiency, productivity, great teamwork & effort with good English language standard though some of them are not native speakers.
This has inspired me to work more in honing my English language skills :)

In spite of the fact that the winners of the top 10 business proposals are yet to announced, I am satisfied with our work.
My work was done when I was at the peak of my other university's individual assignments. Phew...
I really wish to meet the team and attend the conference at Turkey in July yet the expenses cost too dear for me.
Anyway, I hope we can meet in real one day, and work together again in the future!
Cheerio and...

Aitäh Marti! Ačiū Zivile! ¡Muchas gracias Victor! Thank you Kevin and Waheed شکریہ

X-Culture: enriching, exciting & extraordinary experience that's everlasting in my memory.


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