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18th March 2013 (Monday)
... Victoria Peak > The Peak Galleria > Avenue of Stars > Symphony of Light > HK Cultural Centre > Fa Yuen Street > Tsui Wah Restaurant > leisure walk along Nathan Road
gateway to the peak..

Splendid view of Victoria Harbour and HK city from the Victoria Peak/ 太平山顶!

Madame Tussauds HK (Kelly was really tall!)

We didn't pay and enter as there were quite a number of wax figures on loan at other places.

filming in action by TVB!

say I ❤ you at The Peak

boarding soon.. bye! xD

Pearl on the Peak Restaurant 山顶明珠
dined at the best spot of the restaurant with stunning panoramic view, must bring my parents here one day!

bread & butter

mushroom soup

炭烧牛肉汉堡配薯条 (char-grilled beef burger and french fries) HK$145

意大利肉肠脆薄饼 (italian sausages on crust pizza) HK$125

panna cotta


taken at the vintage HK specialty beauty & cosmetics shop - Two Girls

look what I spotted! KIT 

Symphony of Lights show at Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront along Avenue of Stars and HK Cultural Centre

the show was rather disappointing that the music played was not loud enough though the speakers were right behind us and it's not well-sychronised with the light show.

finally got myself a new pair of Nike sports shoes featuring my favourite colours at the Fa Yuan Street; I can't get this back in Malaysia!

place to satisfy our grumpy stomach at midnight...

鹿儿岛猪软骨捞公仔面 (Kagoshima pork cartilage with tossed instant noodles) HK$44

 至潮鱼蛋片头滑 (Fish balls & fish cakes with rice noodles in fish soup) HK$31

 香滑奶茶 (milk tea) HK$17

19th March 2013 (Tuesday)
Australian Dairy Company > ShenZhen > Temple Street > Big Tomato Beef Noodle Specialist > Ladies Street

On the next morning, we headed to the Australian Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 for our breakfast.

 the breakfast set inclusive of macaroni, milk tea, scrambled/ fried eggs with toast bread HK$28

their signature creamy custard milk 蛋白炖鲜奶 HK$23

look at the long queue!
all waiters and trust me, they were quick and efficient

Love the fact that the passengers can get themselves updated with weather and news time to time in the MTR!
We had random trip to ShenZhen actually.
No photos were taken and we can't wait to go back to Hong Kong after spending a few hours there.
It was not a place that we have expected.

Initially we were planning to visit the Temple Street night market.
However, the rain was heavy and ceaseless that the stalls cannot operate at such condition.
Thus, we had our dinner at the end of the street.

Big Tomato Beef Noodle Specialist 大番茄牛肉面专卖店

Pork bone tomato soup noodle with crispy pork chop (薯茄猪骨汤底吉利猪扒) HK$30

Pork bone tomato soup beef noodle (薯茄猪骨汤底公仔面) $30 crispy lemon honey bun (柠檬蜜糖脆脆猪) HK$12

it's a corner shop located at Temple Street

the owners were so kind and helpful that they both searched and copied the addresses of the famous dim sum shop that we were looking for! hospitality #1

a before and after view of refurbishment at the end of Ladies Street

20th March 2013 (Wednesday)
One Dim Sum > Yuen Po Street Market > Morning Market > One Dim Sum > Fashion Street > the Dragon Centre > Computer Shopping Centre > Heritage 1881 > Shek Kee Noodle Shop > Check out > HK International Airport

Alright, it was the last day at Hong Kong and of course, Michelin-starred dim sum for my breakfast - indispensable meal of the day. (you can call me a dim sum freak!)
We were there around 10am but it was yet to start operating.
Hence we went to Yuen Po Street Bird market and the morning market nearby.
Goods were sold at reasonable price and yes, I spotted some of the goods that were sold at Temple Street and Ladies Street too but they were ridiculously marked up the price.
So for those who wish to get better price, do visit their morning market first before heading to the night markets.

Soon after One Dim Sum 一点心 start operating at 11am, it was filled with customers.
An interesting feature in this dim sum shop was that they were all female waitresses and cashier; contrary to the Australian Dairy Company that I had my breakfast at the previous morning.

Steamed Siu Mai (蟹皇蒸烧卖) HK$18  Steam rice noodle with beef (香茜牛肉肠) HK$16

Steam minced beef ball (鲜竹牛肉球) HK$15  Steam shrimp dumplings 薄皮鲜虾饺 HK$20

Fried egg stick with honey (古法炸蛋散) HK$14  Egg Custard Bun (香滑奶皇包) HK$13

Glutinous rice dumpling (丰料糯米鸡) HK$22
err... their dim sums were really delicious except this.

Seriously, I strongly recommend the dim sums over here.
Fresh, succulent and scrumptious at reasonable price with good service, what can you ask for more?

Fashion street, Dragon Centre and Computer Shopping Centre were the places that we have visited after the breakfast. No photos were taken though, hee..
I still prefer the IT centre at Lowyat Plaza as compared to their Computer Shopping Centre.
There were 2 floors and it was real packed with narrow walkways.

Last stop of shopping mall: Heritage 1881.
I love the huge bear statues at Heritage 1881!!
Quite saddening that we were on hurry and didn't take a single photo of it.
Okay, this was the last meal that we had at a random restaurant near Heritage 1881.

锡记云吞河 Wanton Noodle Soup HK$25

Street view while we were on the way to Hong Kong International Airport...
I like the double decker bus that it offers free-wifi!

Hmm.. There were few things that I noticed at Hong Kong:
1. Music culture (orchestral ones I mean) is quite common over there.
2. They are real quick and efficient, reflects their well-known fast-paced lifestyle. (I like this!)
3. You can hardly find someone blocking your way (exclude the tourists).
4. They look good. Not only their attire is well-pressed, a man at his 40s can have better skin complexion than you!
5. Great accessibility with comprehensive transportation mode.
6. Clean, even the handrails at MTR stations are constantly disinfected.
7. I have never met a Hong Kong citizen who is out of shape; they are fit.
8. Their steam rice noodle, skin bun, rice noodles are real thick!

Oh well, I can't get to visit Ngong Ping as the cable cars were under maintenance during the period when I was there.
And and, other attractions due to time constraint.
Umm, my 12-pages planning actually worked! haha
I will definitely visit Hong Kong again (and buy the egg rollssss at Tai Cheung!!) :)

 last item that I bought at the airport: Kee Wah's egg rolls
y u no Tai Cheung bakery outlet :((


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