Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photo shoot?
Nah, I'm not that kind of people who likes to use any gadget with camera that's on their hand, i.e. iPad, iPhone, Tablet to camwhore.
It's a different thing though if you're mentioning about photo-taking of object, scenery or other people.
Yes, I like to take photos especially on food!

This blog entry will be kind of special that I will be uploading photos of mine (which is rare!).
Nothing much, just a random session requested  by my sis to help her friend for some photo-shooting.
Don't ask me why or for what as I have no idea... D:

Photographer of the day: Kent C and his lovely wife, Connie L as assistant

behind the scene

Being dragged from the bed at 5am and spent my only holiday in May - Labour Day for this session.



she's so pretty~ 

candid shoot!

 Joanne's dress~

I like this photo ^^ 

I can barely open my eyes .__. 

hmm.. duet?

I will never forget the pain of taking this photo..

Crooked smile -.- 

my flute looks flawless through the lens O.O

err.. cello? guitar?

First and only heels that I got for myself - gone.

Looks fun?
Not at all.
We went there early in the morning yet the sun at 9am was as scorching as though at 12 noon!
Apparently I got tanner and took me months to recover from 2-toned skin colour on my back.
I am just too easily get tan. sigh
* forever dark *

Well, as you can see most of my pose in the photos were almost the same and stiff.
Anyway, thanks Connie & Kent for the day!

under the umbrella and hot sun..
the make up was so thick that it doesn't look like me ==



  1. Wei Xiong said...
    Did you felt little nervous before took photo shooting as a model?
    ~* kY *~ said...
    Kind of.. More to don't know what to do and how to pose. lol
    Bethany Wang said...
    Haha. It will not be your last photo shoot unless you plan not to get married or plan not to take wedding photos :-)

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