Friday, September 16, 2011

Tea Time with Morianz!

It was 2 consecutive days of outing during raya holiday with my dearest Morianz after months of not meeting!
Special thanks to MHua for organizing it J
Though we can’t get all the Morianz to come, yet it’s just heartwarming to meet some of them before they have to back to their respective university at respective state…
Yes, we had few rounds of Monopoly card game and finally… I’ve won MHua and Khew at the very first round!
Yeah, at last! Muahahaha…
You never know how many rounds that I’ve lost in the previous games with them during previous outings… /.\

this domo-kun is so big and weighty!

Oh yeah, I was so surprised to have Shir to pick me up and guess what, she was driving her father’s new big car!
I can’t even handle a relatively small car ._.

On the next day, we went for Karaoke session at Cheras Selatan.
Unfortunately, it was fully-booked that we’ve decided to headed down to Neway which is just next to Cheras Leisure Mall.
I’ve got to spend my time with KHeng before she has to back to Penang…
Thinking back, it was few months ago since my last sing K session!
I don’t really like to sing but it was fun to have it once in a while with Morianz :D
And and… I was so lucky to have KHeng drove me home!
Gosh… These days have sorta motivated me to polish up my driving skills and get my hands on the car!!
Seriously, I dislike driving but the truth is… I really have to hone my skills before everything is too late.
Give me a lil bit of time to overcome this.

Aw.. Mentioning about driving, I just realized that my P license is ready to be taken off!
HAHAHA  [-___-!l]

Photos credited to Shir & MHua! 
Still waiting for more photos from Khew from his galaxy tab!!!


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