Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Malaysia Day!

I'm back to blogging after these hectic weeks!

Guess what, I'm still alive after this 4 days of 2 assignments due, 1 test, 1 quiz & 1 performance! :D

Falls on 16 September, it’s a memorable and significant day for fellow Malaysians!
Taylor’s University Symphony Orchestra has performed for 2 songs in the early celebration of Malaysia Day organized by Taylor’s University in collaboration with Christian Fellowship singing as the choir.

We are lucky to have a friend of mine, also a Malaysia renowed composer, arranger, orchestrator and music lecturer, Ken Hor to orchestrate 1Malaysia song for us this time.
I’ve knew him few years back then and at last, I’ve got to play his work! Hahaha…

We only manage to practice not more than 3 times before the actual day. Yeah, this is none other than our hectic schedule (we are not full-time music students!).
Yet, we made it in such short time!
It’s not a perfect performance yet but there’s always room for improvement J

 our clarinets and flutes~

umm.. just realized that were quite a lot of male strings players

 The audiences...

letter of exemption from class for us.. (yeah, some of us need to sacrifice our class hour)

Uh oh, there’s a part that you shouldn’t miss in 1Malaysia song: duet improvisation by our very own members – SHang the violinist and Eric Kok  the tenor saxophonist!
Umm.. This will be the last time playing with Shang before he’s off to UK.
We will miss you!
You’re mostly welcomed to play with us when you are back to Malaysia ;)
Sunny just told that he will come back during his holiday in end of this year! whee~
And and, Malcolm, our drummer/ bass guitarist who’s graduating very soon told me that he’ll retire after this performance…
Aw.. this is so saddening and I hope he was just joking… @.@
Anyway, best of luck to Malcolm on his FHM band competition!

 strings section

brass section 

woodwind section 
(where are the clarinetists? o.O) 

flutists and cellists

 I like this photo very much.. portrays everyone's natural expression with a smile on our face! :)

 Group photo with Christian Fellowship & emcees of the day! :)

Of course, thank you very much to my friends: Nigel, Faris, Wan, CErn, CYip & KLun from Sunway Unversity College, UiTM, KLPac Symphonic Band & Segi University College for being the guest players of this event!
Such a great time to play with you guys again J
Lastly, special thanks to Kit Shen for capturing the memorable moments!
Awesome photos posted above credited to him!

members of student council

I hope this orchestra will continue to grow stronger and be a point of rendezvous for music enthusiasts in Taylor's University to play music together! 
Yes, free of politics & conflicts but ONLY MUSIC

Together Everyone Achieves More~!


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