Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 days concert tour on 9th - 10th Aug 2011 by Asian Youth Orchestra in Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, KLCC, Malaysia was a concert that music enthusiasts wouldn't want to miss it.
It was an 8:30pm show but THooi, JJie & I left our campus at around 5pm considering the traffic will be congested.
Yeah, I even skipped my entrepreneurship lecture as not to be late for the concert >.<
[actually it wasn't planned earlier to skip the lesson but the new schedule was out at the very last minute in which I really can't change my routine]
Even so, we reached KLCC at 7 something.
I can't imagine if I were to go after my lecture which means I will definitely late or even miss the whole concert!
We were planning to take our time and have a nice dinner initially but all the restaurants and even food court were fully-occupied!
Yeah, it was the hour where Muslims were about to 'buka puasa' and that was peak dinner hour :x
We went around the floors to hunt for nice food and yet, plan phailed.
At last, we decided to wait for our turn to be seated at Sushi King.
There were not much time left when the foods were served and we were sort of gobbled the food.
Then, there was a long queue of customers who wanna pay for the bills, which including us -_-
We dashed to the philharmonic hall after that.
Glad that I wasn't wearing high heels! xD
We were just so in time that we manage to get in to the hall around 10 seconds just before the show started!

The most interesting part was definitely the astonishing performances by AYO conducted by Richard Pontzious featuring Stefan Jackiw the violin soloist.
Admitting that I was really lethargic on that day but I was so alert when the music begun.
I just can't take my eyes and ears off of them!

Here's the repertoire of the day:
Symphony No. 1 by Prokofiev
Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens
Carmen Fantasy by Sarasate
Symphony No. 4 by Tchaikovsky

There was an impromptu violin solo by Stefan Jackiw playing Nocturne in C Sharp Minor by Chopin!

The fascinating concert adjourned by a big round of applause from the audiences for more than 10 mins!
I can feel the numbness on my hands after clapping for such a long period.

Oh yes, we got to bump into quite a number of musicians as well as music lovers friends of us during the concert!
It was so delighting to meet my ex-KLPac SB conductor Bruce Lee again :)
Finally, I've got to see the famous vocalist & choir teacher Mr. Ian Lim in real!
Well, bump into Winston in this concert reminded me of his graduation recital invitation which I've yearn to go.
It's rather sad that I can't turn up for it since it clashes with my new time table ='(
Notwithstanding, all the very best Winston and I know it will be definitely a great recital!

2011/2012 Season Catalogue! :D

Thinking back, everything was just so rush yesterday even though we did departed earlier. lol!
Anyhow, we were considered quite lucky as the road was not as congested as expected, we found the car park easily, and we manage to enter the hall at the eleventh hour!
What's more, we got to be seated by the attendant at the second last row which has better acoustic and view rather than the seats that we have bought. muahahaha!
As for me, I got to have a copy of the Narnia Orginal Soundtrack that I've spotted in THooi's car. ahahahaha...

Finally, I'd like to thanks MKuan & THooi for the joyous day :)


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