Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Siblings :)

Yeah I've back to KL & had a random lunch with my brothers, Khew & MHua again this afternoon!
Uh, we are not really free today but still, MHua is good enough to pick up us and gather :)
Basically we were busy settling & thinking of our own stuff but I'm really delighted to meet with them within my 1 week of real short holiday.. >.<
"Android time" was so much of fun 
Wonder when will we meet again..
Miss our sis Shir... and my all-time favourite KHeng... @.@

* Photos above were not taken today but during our previous lunch after exploring one of the fun Android apps thanks to OMH xD

Till then, I have to busy dealing with both personal & work stuff =/
(Yesh I know I'm still on holiday & should be relaxing & enjoy my life now -___-!l)
Miss you all......
food of the day :)


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