Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bye May, Hello June!

May was a pretty happening month I would say.
4 events, 9 performances in a row, namely Fresco Harmonica Charity Concert, Borneo Jazz Festival Preview, Teachers' / Lecturers' Day and Pixies The Musical which I've taken part.

Okay, this would be a short post updating my friends (yeah, my bad for not being able to catch up with you all even though I do miss you all a lot!!!) about my life in recent days..
I was too busy over the examinations, rehearsals, practices and even assignments!!
Life has been kinda hectic, and stressful which my friends commented.
Relentless workload... makes me feel like screaming out loud but yeah, you know that I don't scream.
Instead, my buddies has just started their 4-months long holiday... how nice~

Anyhow, there will be a Rainforest World Music Festival Preview held in Amphitheatre, Taylor's Lakeside University on 1st & 2nd July.

Will keep you guys updated on my upcoming post..
Stay tuned if you are interested ;)

Till then, I really need a rest now before dozing off in front of my lappy! @.@


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