Thursday, October 28, 2010


"... I wanna be a lawyer!"

Stop the rants of the day before yesterday...
But yes,  it's great to take law course.

Now I would like to scream out loud!(should be yesterday actually... haha!)
Got to know my mid term exam & individual assignments result yesterday...
It's really incredible...
Never thought that I will be getting such mark...
The assignment was redo by me and finished at around 3am!
And.. Another one was completed in the school computer lab.
It's understandable that one can get full marks in mathematics subject...
But not this subject, for me!
I just started to learn this... umm.. about 3 months ago only...
I wonder if my lecturer keyed in wrongly or what... hmm...
It's just a beginning anyway.
Urm yeah, big thanks to my friends who helped me in it.

Anyway, final exam is just in less than 2 weeks time..
I shall work more hard and do better in it!


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