Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As in fore-mentioned blog entry, I am engaging in Project Revive. And yes, here's the details!!

Well, what is it?

It is a Charity Concert + Dinner organized by Taylor's University Student Council.

  • To raise funds for Precious home orphanage (where the children here are not only orphans but most of them are neglected children by drug abusive parents and other illegal activities.)
  • Provide a platform for local artist & youths to showcase their talents on stage!

What, when, where? 

Theme       : Lend us a hand, Give them a hope
Date          :4 Nov 2010 (Thursday)
Time         :7.30 till 11pm   
Venue        :Multipurpose Hall, Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus
Ticket Price: RM 70 (Standard), RM 90 (Premium) 

Lots of fantastic performances including local artists and bands (Oh yes, Juwita Suwito is coming too!) as well as in house Taylorians.

It's gonna be a huge event and we are sincerely hoping that this event may contribute significant proceeds to the shelter, as their needs have become increasingly necessary.

 People, please spread your kindness & love!!

Where to get the ticket(s)?
Kindly contact:

Victoria Lin: 0172106817
May Zhen: 0164210946

or me!!

For more information, please click here
Taylor's University Student Council: http://tusc-lakeside.blogspot.com/p/project-revive.html


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