Saturday, August 7, 2010

"It's good to keep a journal or blog..." my tutor told during tutorial session.
"Hey how you doing lately?", "...", "How's life?", "..."
Since I don't really have time on catching up, chatting with friends via sms, calls or windows live messenger,
so here I am, blogging again.

Admitting that I am not that kind of easygoing, adaptable and sociable people, I still need some time to mingle around...
Pardon me if I was sort of ignorant...

Anyway, went shopping mall nearby my campus on the second day after the commencing of tutorial class.
Not for mere fun or hang out.
Instead, for assignment purpose.
Aiks, haven't get my books for my sem...
I don't have any basis for few subjects!
Definitely need more time on coping with my studies...
Eileen, I understand your condition...

Although I am not at outstation like most of my friends, yet I kinda miss my dear, siblings and friends!
Got a call yesterday night from CCSK, after I reached home not long ago.
"Where are you? Wanna come out yumcha with us later?", "...", " You come la, I fetch you home"
 A super random gathering by a super random gang.
Hey tell me earlier mah, I just came back from that area...
Was planning to go to bed already.
Really miss you guys a lot...
The super random, hilarious yet inspiring gang.
Its really hard to meet you all as you all are very busy as well..

Oh yes,
supposedly will be having siblings gathering today and...
My dear is coming back today!
Only one day and will be going back on Sunday..
Should have went the opening ceremony of National month at my previous secondary school today too!
Yes, the alumni is having gathering as well and some sort of activities in conjunction with that.
Here's a great random & spontaneous artwork in collaboration with Patriotic/National month celebration by the alumni & juniors...
This is so fantastic!
"KY~ u should come u know. it really fun. XD"
"Yes I know, Lukhman. =X"
I couldn't meet them even I wanted to, deadly.
Invitation on Saturday is a big no no for me.
Only if I could split myself into two. [quoted from Shir]

Received notification from KFong about music exchange concert with Penang SB...
The rehearsals will be on weekday nights.
Looking at my current level, I don't know how shall I react about this.
Excited? Sad?
or both?!

Mr. Nonami is coming for this rehearsal...

How well can I perform?
I don't want to be the black sheep!

Passion of life, where are you?

Before I forgot,  an early Happy Birthday to bro a.k.a. daddy!
Sorry for not able to turn up your invitations...


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