Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tagged by Loy...

tagged by kJ again...

Here's the direction:
Once you've been tagged,
you have to write a post with SIXTEEN
random things, habits or goals about you.
At last, choose seven people to be tagged,

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1. just finished the dreaded exam... Yay! but upcoming events are coming just after that!
2. wish 2 have a simple, peaceful & stress-free life
3. doesn't like to talk or smile... some people thought I am LC or emo as a result =/
4. love to watch BLEACH! yet 'abandoned' it for almost 1 year already...
No time to watch it... T.T
5. juggling with activities, plans and event that clash
6. doesn't play computer or online games even though I am an IT brigade =.=
7. wish to express gratitude for my friends who are always be there for me especially in time of needs...
"Thank you my dear friends!!"
8. facing difficulty in 'to go or not to go'...
9. have to force myself to take music diploma exam in end of this year or next year...
keep dragging it for years already!!! wasted loads of $ & precious time =X
10. have to control myself of not being engage in too many activities... focus in my studies instead!
11. easy to be taken advantage of... lack of grey matter... =.=
12. not sure whether till when can I stand... too many problems, challenges & tension come into my life
13. funding $ repair or get a new hp =)
14. wants to get a new bag!
15. always involve in planning friends' birthday celebrations xD
16. worrying about tomorrow's performance!-.-!l

tag 7 people!
1. Joanna
2. Kar Heng
3. Hao Cherng
4. Ern Khai
5. Alvin Kuan
6. Wai Kien
7. Andrew


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