Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Previous School - SMKBDP

Many people have been asking me,
"Which school were you from?"
But most of them don't know or never heard of it even if I told...
because it is a new (considered) Selangor school...
It's a co-education school, where racial integration is a common thing at there too!
Quite a number of people thought it is a college instead of a secondary school after they went or saw SMKBDP...
here are some pictures of my previous school - SMK Bandar Damai Perdana:

What do you think of my previous school? xD

Miss my previous school days, lovely juniors, choir members & teachers...
Oh ya,
congrats to SMKBDP choir team of getting champion in district level choir competition & Ching Wah bro of getting Best Conductor award!
Keep on endeavour in your upcoming state level choir competition!!!

One team,
One soul,
One voice~

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  1. HeHeHunter said...
    Your school is like... OMG! So nice.

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