Saturday, December 17, 2016

It has always been my dream to play in the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) since young.
Yes, it's one of the top youth orchestras in the country, coached by professional musicians that a lot of music enthusiasts fall head over heels for it.
However, I started to play non-orchestral music instrument when I was a kid and it's very competitive to secure a spot in MPYO, especially for that non-orchestral instrument which almost everyone knows how to play.
Therefore, I finally picked up an orchestral instrument - flute, during my final year of high school.
That did not able to get me into the MPYO yet I was very fortunate enough to play in a symphonic band that eventually leads me to opportunities to play in orchestras.

Few years ago, I picked up the double bass in the university when I was very active and spearheaded the orchestra.
There was no music faculty in my university.
As an orchestra fanatic, I was kinda devoted to the symphony orchestra club in my university.

Many people has been asking me why double bass? (Why did I ditch my flute?)
Well, it started with a very simple reason, or rather circumstance: I was organising an orchestra concert and it was very difficult to get enough double bass players to play for the concert. So I decided to fork out my own pocket money and look for private teacher in order to pick up the double bass in short period of time, so that I can help out on the balancing of the orchestra.
3 years ago, I was very lucky to get through the audition and played in the YMGC orchestra under the baton of Mr. Kevin Field.
Mr Kevin Field was the first resident conductor for the MPYO since its inception for more than 7 years.
I was congratulated by my friend, who was the MPYO concertmaster at that time when I was listed in the MPYO's player list.
Surprised yet unbelievable - I was recommended by Mr Field.
Yet, I wasn't able to make it as it clashed with my university's final exam and I was in the midst of competition that I couldn't commit for the MPYO camp - it was too late for me to make arrangement when the MPYO management officially contacted me.
I heard no news from the MPYO management since then and I thought I'd never able to play in the MPYO anymore.

Miracle happened! (thanks to my former YMGC orchestra mate)
I received an invitation to play in the MPYO!
The offer came just right in time as I just resigned from work and able to commit to the intensive orchestra camp.
Yeah, it was an intensive sectional + tutti rehearsal where we spent almost 10 hours per day during the camp.

view from the suite that we're staying in the city centre

Double bass section
Some behind-the-scene photos...

Margaret, from SNYO
my double bass tutor, Wolfgang Steike

And here are some photos taken after our Merdeka Award night event...
Xinyi, the percussionist (fellow SPO) haha

Where's Aishah........

Conductor of the nights, Julie Debordes

So grateful and privileged to learn and play with the inspiring and aspiring musicians; well-spent December!

MPO & MPYO side by side concert (last MPO concert of the year)

Oh and... Merry X'mas! :)


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