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The recent badminton battle between Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan reminded me of this unfinished blog entry about the 17th Asian Games.

A lot of my friends curious and asked me about the 17th Asian Games that I've worked for and I hope following answer their queries...

In the end of 2013, I chanced upon the recruitment of the Official Writer for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.
I still remember the day when I was selected as the 2nd batch official crew - it was on X'mas eve!
2013 was a sweet ending when I received the official e-mail from the Incheon Asian Games Organising Committee (IAGOC) on the last day of the year.
Yes, I was one (and the only Malaysian) among the 28 official writer from all around the world that time!
This signified I'll have a challenging yet exciting 2014!
That was my final year of my undergraduate studies and I was about to start my internship in Jan 2014.
Oh yes, I was preparing for the semi-final of L'Oreal Brandstorm 2014 at the same time while having to juggle with my final year project too.

Nevertheless, I took the courage and challenge then embarked on my sports journalism journey.

Frankly, I am not an athlete, a journalist, nor a mass communication student with a flair for writing.

I was very lucky to have freedom to choose on the topics relating to sports and culture for the articles besides the monthly topic given by our Online PR manager.
Together we worked virtually, be it individually or as a team for the games' pre-buzz.
my AD card & entrance ticket
Here's the list of articles that I've written for the game:
>> Article listing <<

The tenure lasted for about 5 months for each batch.
Again, I applied for the last batch of the crew.
This time, it was getting more competitive due to the previous success of the pre-buzz initiatives carried out.
I've never thought I will be elected again.
Only 1 or 2 crew will be selected from each country.

This time, our role was slightly different as the games draw close: cover for our desired sports during the games!
For those in South Korea were granted with AD pass to ease our job too.
Thanks to the Homestay Programme by the Incheon International Relations Foundation, I was arranged to stay with Korean family that is near to my desired sports venues.

17th Asian Games Opening Ceremony

concurrent painting & music performance 
painting & music (cultural) show

panoramic view of the Asiad Main Stadium during the opening ceremony
posing with my AD card
 they are my colleagues from UAE, S. Korea, Japan, Myanmar & Canada

 Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra and their double bass hard casing (not coffin)

Lang Lang, pianist from China
JYJ - Asian Games Official Ambassador
with Elisa & Naoko
OTG device - gift from my Korean manager
 It comes really handy when we're always on mobile and on-the-go!


Yeorumul Squash Court
Spot Datuk Nicol David!
Aslan in action
Ong Beng Hee in action vs Saurav Ghosal 
 #TeamMalaysia supporters

Ong Beng Hee + other men's singles winners marching out
Men's singles victory ceremony
media at work
Brian, my Irish colleague
Olympic Council Committee with our minister: YB Khairy
with Youth & Sports minister
YB Khairy photobombing at the back
Datuk Nicol David was crowned during the victory ceremony
let's take a selfie - YB Khairy Jamaluddin
Malaysian team awarded as the 2nd runner-up
that's the legendary Ong Beng Hee!
Appreciation token awarded to the volunteers
happy faces upon the gratitude expression
World Squash Queen - Datuk Nicol David
Malaysia 2nd-seed - Low Wee Wern
Ivan Yuen, rising Squash player
Kim Soo Young, IOC volunteer
Min Ji, volunteer
I used to bump into Min Ji as we always meet at the entrance of the squash court - I was a frequent visitor to the squash court.
Clara, volunteer

KBS Interview

Interview invitation from KBS, for real?
"Mum, I got an interview invitation from KBS and they requested to schedule a time for them..."
Can't believe it was from the top national broadcast company; I thought I was dreaming.
with the KBS TV production team
They picked me up at my place and there we departed to the stadium.
Never thought that this similar scene where I used to watch in a Korean TV show: Taxi will happen to me - yet this wasn't a taxi but van. haha
Spent my off-day with the KBS production team.
I wanted to go to the Velodrom for track cycling event but they said it's way too far and may affect the shooting schedule, so yeah, change of plan and headed to the Seonhak Hockey Stadium instead.
KBS news reporter: Sung Myung Hoon
"my workplace" haha
opps, I didn't know shooting had started :P
group photo at the Seonhak Hockey Stadium
big bro...
and his camera
waiting for the driver
Mr Joo in deep thought... ummm...
that's the end product
I know I look funny...
Most of the Koreans watch the TV programmes via their mobile phones!
Even their mobile phones are customised with antenna.
A very different culture compared to my country.


Gyeyang Gymnasium
Datuk Sieh, Secretary-General of OCM
Lin Dan
Chen Long
Chen Long
Lin Dan
Lin Dan
Lin Dan media interview
Press conference after the victory ceremony
Datuk Khoo, GM of Yonex - Sunrise
thanks Datuk Khoo for the photo
I was waiting for Datuk Lee actually...
Datuk Khoo mentioned that he was going to meet Lin Dan for the sponsorship discussion.
A few months later, Lin Dan appeared as Yonex ambassador.
Guess the discussion went well.
Barame, Chumuro & Vichuon
finally meet Bee Theng, my colleague from Malaysia too
Lee vs Lin
Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan
Yoo Yeon Seong & Lee Yong Dae vs Ahsan & Hendra
South Korea vs Indonesia
Flag raising
Lin Dan took down Chen Long during the men's singles event
Tan Wee Kiong & Goh V Shem
we were so lucky to receive the flower bouquet from Men's Doubles 2nd runner-up
The flower bouquets were awarded to the winning athletes - precious.
thanks Tan Wee Kiong


Ever wondered how was the broadcasting take place?

Prepare to go on stage
Spot Son Yeon Jae rehearsing before the competition starts
meet my media friends from Malaysia too!
from NST, The Star and Utusan Malaysia
Gymnasium Stadium
Watching Son Yeon Jae live broadcast at the security room

Field Hockey

Team Pakistan

Team Malaysia
Pakistan vs Malaysia
Semi-final taking place soon!
Team Malaysia supporters
Team Malaysia supporters
Team Malaysia
Astro Awani interviewing Datuk Danyal - Chef de Mission
Team Pakistan supporters
They even brought a few drums to cheer for their team during the Field Hockey Semi-final!
Team Malaysia supporters
YB Khairy Jamaluddin was here too
tough match!

my Pakistani colleague, before he flew to US for his research paper presentation

Cycling - BMX

The venue of BMX is located far away from the city, on the verge of DMZ where it's difficult to reach and time-consuming by taking public transportation.
let's take a shot while we're on the way to the Ganghwa Asiad BMX Tracks
우리는 강화도로 가요!

we're here to support Amanda, our colleague!
Congratulations to Philippines!
singing the national anthem

Congratulations Amanda Carr!
Amanda's gear

Thailand TV interview 
That's Amanda, an athlete + official writer too


 Freestyle posing in front of the Ganghwa Dolmens.. haha

let's head to the Gymnasium in Incheon!
scenic countryside view
Last station of the day: IAGOC Office Tower
Meet-You-All Tower

Phew... It was an exhausting day going up north across a few stadiums and rushed back in the city.
Special thanks to Seieun for the ride.
Twas a fun-filled journey with my Korean manager and colleague from Philippines.
I'll remember that powerful phrase "배고파요"

International Broadcast Centre

Group photo with my colleagues after luncheon

reminded me of the Esplanade Theatre in Singapore

Athletes Village



Spot the North Korea supporters
Team Malaysia finished as 2nd runner up
flag raising


Tennis finals
Okay, I didn't stay for long at the Yeorumul Tennis Court as it was too sunny for me.
It was just located right beside the Yeorumul Squash Court.


South Korea vs Iran
together we witnessed the Basketball finals
spot the cute mascots!
IAG merchandise

Football/ Soccer

Football finals, a not-to-be-missed battle between North Korea and South Korea that I almost overlooked.
Thanks to Nick who told me about this and the exact location of this match.

Nick in action
it was a full house match
stretching before the battle starts
very lucky to get a nice spot while the stadium was full
my colleague, Nick from Canada
Battle of the century: KOR vs RPK

17th Asian Games Closing Ceremony

Datuk Nicol David - Nominee of Samsung MVP Award

with my Korean Manager, Seieun
with my landlord and primary school classmate
That's the end of 17th Asian Games, South Korea (photo credit to Oh Seieun)




That's all...?

Before we return to our home country, we had a scrumptious lunch with our Online PR manager
thanks Seieun for the treat!
다시 언젠가 만나고 싶습니다!
Throughout my period working for the IAGOC during the 17th Asian Games has enabled me to step out from my comfort zone.
No doubt, it was one of the most wonderful moment in my life.
I am very grateful to meet abundant of lovely people from all walks of life from all around the world.
I was privileged to work with colleagues of diverse background, ranging from student, corporate finance analyst, sports journalist, member of Olympic Council to university lecturers - bunch of talents among them with a common goal in mind, that's passion in sports.
May we cross path again in the future and see you in Rio?


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