Sunday, December 1, 2013

Awesome November!

It has come to the end of the awesome November 2013.
I'll do some wrap up in the whole month of awesomeness.
Hey, it's my month! haha

 since we can't be spotted in the group photo.... let's selca!
1st Nov - Performed in Young Malaysians Go Classic Concert, an orchestra + choir concert conducted by Mr Kevin Field with hundred over performers on stage. Again, I got to play some arrangements by Ken Hor after few years!

3rd Nov - Watched an excellent Carmen Suite opera starring most of the locals while musicians were conducted by a French conductor.

4th Nov - Set my foothold at the land of the morning calm - the inspiring Korea! That was my 1st time seeing the maple trees in real! Oh hey, received call from the interning company that I got the offer.

5th Nov - Conquered the highest mountain in South Korea which is also a UNESCO World Heritage and earned myself a medal & a certificate! A streneous expedition with my buddies! Ah yes, our name was etched on the gold medal ;D

7th Nov - Watched an amazing live musical show where each performer showcased their expertise in various instruments!

8th Nov - Caught an ensemble performance at the Seoul Arts Centre in conjunction with their Korea Music Festival.

9th Nov - My birthday celebration at Korea! First sip on the soju. Also, it was the day where I experience one of the coldest day in my life - strong wind blew with a slight of sandstorm after the rain at the seaside. Oh my

10th Nov - Jazz performance! What a big surpise :D

16th Nov - Challenged myself for a 21km during the Penang Bridge International Marathon and bagged a medal. My very first half marathon in my life! Seriously, the repercussion of the run was nothing compared to the mountain hiking at Mt. Hallasan!

22nd Nov -  Enjoyed a traditional dance performance featuring 5 ASEAN countries.

24th Nov - 1st Christmas caroling at the Empire Shopping Gallery

27th Nov - Officially received notification from MPYO that my name is in their player listing. It's an orchestra that I yearn to play in since young but have yet to send my application! That was indeed a good news & bad news that it clashes with my final exam that I will have to forgo the opportunity this time :(

30th Nov - Again, I was at Plenary Theatre, KL Convention Centre upon setting feet on the 1st. Enjoyed the evening watching fantabulous peformances by the young prodigies around the world. Bravo to all the performers!

Besides all these delighting highlights of my life in one month's time, I am going through one of the toughest and pivotal period so far.
That immense workload and amount of tension..
Glad that I insisted to take some escapade in between to channel the tensity & divert my mind..

...Stay awesome!


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