Tuesday, June 25, 2013


"You look tired."
"Tell me you've been sleeping."
"It's like you don't need to sleep?"
Yeah right, these are the comments from my friends and it's apparent on my recent photos: weary looking with eye bags & dark circles right under my eyes.
Instead, some wondered how do I manage to do so many things at once and even analysed my schedule. Wow
Guess what, my lecturer wondered how do I cope with all these

should be my last time performing as a flautist, until further notice

The truth is, I am not a man of steel nor a legend.
I was kinda proud of being a workaholic, multitasking and getting more work done but not anymore.
Things are started to not progressing and I appear to be a slow learner.
I am trying to cut down on activities and focus on what I should be doing.
Hibernation of my flute has begun right after the end of the SPO's Chapter 3 Concert.
Uh, it's a misconception when people thought I am a full-time music student.
But hey, I am a double major business student!

Oh well, I am trying to avoid these kept repeating from my friends:
"When are you free?"
"Can you not having such busy schedule?"
"When is the time that you'll be not occupied?"
I don't mean to turn down but my schedule & prior commitment do not allow me to say "yes, I'm in".

And driving is a real dangerous activity for me.

Appreciate my friends and family's concern. It's time for me to step back and place priority on deserved ones.

I don't want to die young!


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