Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you Ah Beng?


  • dyed hair
  • souped-up car with a loud stereo blasting "feng tau" music
  • likes to squat by the roadside, at the bus-stop, outside shops
  • mixing his brandy, and/or wine with soda/ Otard with F & N Orange/ red wine with 7-Up
  • very telling hairstyle
  • loves Canto-pop band Beyond
  • overdress or dresses sloppily, complete with loud bling-bling accessories
  • always with a handphone
  • souped-up Mitsubishi inspired by Initial D
  • anti-thesis
  • normally Chinese men in their early teens to late 20s
  • speaking in local slang, which is Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay, such as Manglish or Singlish
  • like to curse in their daily speech
  • wearing flamboyants shirts such as colorful decoration especially dragon, tight jeans and constantly carrying plastic combs or
  • Japanese fashion, with spiky and dyed hair, metallic ornaments, leather jackets, belts and pants
  • normally found gathering in the busier and more developed cities in the region
  • normally comes from Chinese villages or Chinese dominated communities in cities
  • typically come from the lower class or middle class families

if you got has some of the foregoing characteristics... Congrats!


Oh well,
this Beng-ism can be found significantly from the role played by Phua Chu Kang,
especially from the episode of Singaporean sitcom PCK Pte Ltd, titled "Lord of the Bengs" in Jan 14, 2003. LoLz...
:: He can spit into a bowl of exactly 3m away with a simple "Kaaakkk... Puuuuiii!" ::
:: He drinks coffee (or kopi, the proper Beng of pronouncing it) from the traditional porcelain cup and saucer, but stirs the contents of the cup violently and makes as much noise as possible... without spilling a drop. The Beng way of sitting at the table is with one leg up on the stool. ::
:: He has the loudest mobile ringtones around. The songs of choice are either Tarzan Boy or Barbie Girl. The point is to make sure others hear and notice his ringtones. ::
:: He doesn't do designer coffee brands. He won't pay more than 70 sen for a cup. "Decaf" isn't in his vocabulary. ::
:: He is health-conscious and that's why he sports a long finger-nail on his pinkie.. all the better to clean his ears with. ::
:: He has a unique command of the English Language. He pronounces "lounge" as "longe", Mercedes as "Mer-cee-lee" and "never mind" as"near mine". Or course, the stressed syllable "lah" is of utmost importance, such as in "Steady lah!"::

Do you have the characteristics as mentioned above?




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