Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 November 08

10 November 2008...

Can be considered as a big day for me...
Board of IT's Installation Day,
prize giving day of MBS Idol 2008 (which I will be the emcee -.-!l ) during morning assembly
the dreaded AGM of President Council...

Quite nervous today...
Because this is my first time to conduct the prize giving on the podium during morning assembly in this school!
Rushed to MM2 just after I reached the school...
need to distribute the monograms to IT Brigadiers...
Some of them haven't get yet... =.=

Executive Committee of Board of IT Brigade 2008/09

Chairman: Tan Chia Way
Vice Chairman: Thoong Kit Yee

Secretary: Tan Chung Seong
Asst. Secretary: Ng Kheng Hong

Treasurer: Tam You Sheng
Asst. Treasurer: Yoon Wei Bo

After the installation...

The commencing of result of MBS Idol 2008 by me... xD

Champion: Wong Weng Sing (L6M)

1st Runner Up: Shim Man Jung (L6C)

2nd Runner Up: Daniel Tong (4M)

Congratulations to the winners and finalists! ^_^

AGM of President Council started at around 2:15pm...
As usual,
election of secretary and asst. secretary...
Thanks god I am not chosen...
Congrats to Chien Ling =)
Oh yeah,
Mr. Chin talked to us just after the meeting started...
He taught us about leadership... and so forth...
he praised about the successful of carrying out MBS Idol 2008
although there were many obstacles, difficulties and interruptions...
we managed to pull through these challenges...
He was quite happy about this!
This achievement is not due to my leadership but ALL OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEES' efforts and collaboration!
Especially Seck Wei & Benny =D
Good job!
Here's the list of organizing committee and those who helped out in this event:

Teacher advisors: Cik Siti Yumni & Pn. Eliana

Organizing chairman:
Thoong Kit Yee
Organizing vice chairman:
Benny Tham

Teong Kim Yoong

Ahmad Shazlin

Benny Tham

Teh Jun Bin

Panel of judges:
Chua Pei Yong
Yeoh Yuan Nung
Nicholas Wee Cheng Han

Head of photography:
Allan Lee
Ho Song Wei
Choo Wai Kien
Ho Seck Wei

Committee members and those who helped out:
Lee Kai Chi
Yang Ka Seng
Sing Chun Leong
Joshua Ong
Lim Taw Wei
Jones Yeong
Tang Li Wah
Ng Kar Heng
Poon Yee Ling
Lee Kah Hui
Wee Yong Sions
Liew Jun Bin
Ryan Teh
Ryan Lim
Sam Wai Kit
Fam Wai Kit
Tan Chia Way

Lai Yee Seng

Really appreciate all of your cooperation =)
I apologize for the trouble and inconvenience caused...
We will do it better next time!
There are rooms of improvement...


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