Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well, here's the result of MBS Idol 1st round audition 2008...

1. Wong Weng Sing
2. Lim Hui Xian
3. Norazam bin Azmi
4. Diyana Sejati binti Rid Nor
5. Daniel Tong
6. Tang Zi Ying
7. Shim Man Jung
8. John Wong
9. Chong Jake Yip
10. Shahdanial
11. Fleming
12. Kor Kin Yang
13. Lee Kai Chi
14. Sing Chun Leong
15. Foo Heng Yen
16. Lim Tong Lai
17. Louis Tay
18. Foo Hui Shien
19. Ashton Arun

Judges' comments: 1st day was okay. It is not really difficult for us to make decision because we see some gap between the participants. Is it really difficult for us to make this decision because most of the participants are not wise in choosing their songs. They choose song which are not suit their voice range. Besides that, some of the participants have a good voice but no expression. So, we are actually quite linear, hope you all appreciate your second chance and make a better performance.

Of course, thanks for the judges, committee members, EC club members and those who have helped out in carrying out 1st audition of MBS Idol 2008... 2 more days to go... Keep it up! =)


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